Foster Family Picnic


How might we support foster care families?

One Stone had an interest in learning more about the foster care system and how we could support foster care families. Through conversations with experts in the field, we learned that a challenge in working with foster care families was confidentiality. Based on this, we sought out opportunities to engage with these families organically, in a way that our recipient was most comfortable. After building relationships with service providers and the Health and Welfare community, we came upon the perfect opportunity. One Stone was invited to provide games, activities and fun at a picnic for Treasure Valley foster care families, that would serve as a connectivity point for foster care families. Based on our empathy work and research, the team of One Stone students put together age appropriate games and activities that provided entertainment for kids and an opportunity for adults to meet other foster care parents.


The families who attended the picnic were so appreciative of the opportunity to meet other foster care families to learn more about resources and to build relationships in a safe and supportive environment.

One Stone students deepened their understanding of the critical need for empathy in creating projects to serve others.