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STEM + Maker Coach

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The ideal STEM + Maker Coach candidate will have the ability to coach students with:

  • Physics - strong background with Newtonian mechanics
  • Engineering - CAD, material science
  • Coding - HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, Python
  • The development of strong maker skills - including use of Foundry tools (3D printer, laser cutter, woodworking tools, welding equipment, etc.)
  • Math up to Pre-calc, using some or all of the following techniques:
  • Use of open-ended experiments
  • Non-formal learning strategies
  • Multi-week projects
  • Quick “design challenges” (30 minutes to solve a problem using limited materials)

The ideal STEM + Maker Coach will have proficiency and/or experience with the following tools and software:

  • Maker tools including 3D printer, laser cutter, bandsaw, chopsaw, welding equipment, etc.
  • Ability to maintain tools (or preferably, comfort to oversee students maintain tools)
  • CAD skills - design using SketchUp Pro or similar
  • Experience with robotics, Arduino or similar (beyond LEGO robotics)
  • Experience with Raspberry Pis
  • Comfort helping students prototype and build solutions
  • Comfort letting students fail and the ability to guide them to fail forward
  • Excitement to learn new tools, techniques and approaches

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