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One Stone is a student-led nonprofit that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. The One Stone Lab School is a tuition-free, independent high school that empowers students to learn and practice 21st century skills through relevant, purpose-driven, and passion-based learning experiences. One Stone believes in the power of students and believes that each student brings a unique background, skillset, and sense of passion to the learning environment.


The One Stone Lab School provides year-round relevant and rigorous learning experiences that encourage high school students to understand the importance of lifelong learning. The Lab School is a two-to-four year program, rooted in design thinking, a creative problem solving process developed at Stanford University’s



Design Lab is a project-based learning framework where students use design thinking to develop solutions to problems found in Boise and beyond. Students build a deep understanding of complex, interdisciplinary, real-world issues, while working with a partner organization or individual on relevant, long-term projects. The process requires primary and secondary research, extensive field work and community engagement, writing, professional communication, and other skills.



Collaborative learning in the Lab School develops understanding of foundational knowledge and interdisciplinary project-based learning. Experiences are designed and implemented in collaboration between learners and coaches, and group interaction plays a primary role in the learning environment. Through experiential learning projects, guided discussions, as well as blended and online learning, students engage in one-week Deep Dives, three-week Immersions, Community Reads, and 12-week workshops and labs tailored to the student’s learning goals, passions, and competencies in mathematical application, critical reading, writing, research, scientific inquiry, and technical skills.



Student-driven learning experiences are designed by students in collaboration with their coaches and advisor. With students in the driver’s seat, they determine the goals for learning and propose the scope of work to be completed and the methods of assessment. This creates ownership in an area of curiosity or passion, while working independently at a level and pace that is conducive to the overall learning experience.

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Winter Exploration is a one-month term where students engage in personal introspection, self-reflection, and future planning and prototyping. Students work closely with their advisors to develop practical tools to explore their passions, re-frame challenges, and navigate challenging life and career decisions and opportunities.



Through the Summer Experience, students engage in a real-world internship, job shadow, or other professional or academic learning experience in a field of passion or personal interest. The goals of the program are twofold: students gain hands-on experience in areas of interest to help them make choices about their education and their future; second, they learn and practice professional skills. Students develop a professional resume, cover letter, and prepare for in-person interviews. During the summer months, students develop goal-specific reflections, receive a performance review from their advisor and summer experience mentor, and present their learning to the One Stone community during Summer Scrum, a week of reflection and celebration of learning.

“One Stone has the ‘special sauce.’ The academics are not the hard part—it’s the relationships, the design thinking, the collaboration, the teamwork, and the safe environment. That’s One Stone. One Stone is way ahead of the game.”

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One Stone currently holds Candidate Member status with the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS). Candidate Member status is the final step in a rigorous accreditation process and is reserved for schools that the NWAIS Board of Governors has approved as being able to meet the NWAIS Major Standards. One Stone is on track to earn full accreditation by the summer of 2020.

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