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One Stone is a student-led, independent and tuition-free high school that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. The school was designed by a small group of students with the belief that students could make a real difference if empowered to follow their passions.

Learning Model

One Stone is rooted in empathy, innovation, and student-centered learning. We help students prepare to flourish on any path that they choose by providing irresistible experiences for students. We foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, ownership, and entrepreneurship. One Stone students thrive on optimism, relish opportunity, build confidence, and strive for success.


Design Thinking

The One Stone Design Lab is a project-based framework that uses the design thinking process to develop solutions to problems. This process follows a series of steps and offers students the opportunity to build a deep understanding of complex, interdisciplinary, real-world issues. The learning process provides students with opportunities to work collaboratively on meaningful, long-term projects and develop skills in primary and secondary research, writing, and communication.


Personalized Learning

Students shape their experiences by developing and executing a personalized learning plan—designing and leading their own learning while coaches provide the scaffolding and support.

One-on-one Advisory

Students and advisors meet regularly enabling meaningful student-to-adult relationships. In each meeting, students and advisors discuss the student’s individual growth and development goals, as well as how the student can find and develop passions.

Real-world Work Experience

Internships connect One Stone learning with the working world, providing students with meaningful outside learning opportunities and hands-on experiences. 


Competency-based Assessment

Advancement is based on students’ mastery of the knowledge and skills for particular academic content. If students fail to meet expected standards, they get the coaching needed to ensure that they master critical knowledge, concepts, and skills.


A Space Built for Learning

Our space is a safe and secure, open, flexible, and configurable. The One Stone building includes community collaboration spaces, a maker space, music room, and smaller break out work areas. Participation is welcome, growth is encouraged, creativity is integral, collaboration is essential, and entrepreneurship is at work.

One Stone is located in downtown Boise surrounded by local nonprofits, entrepreneurial activity, and close to Boise State University and other learning resources.

“One Stone has the ‘special sauce.’ The academics are not the hard part—it’s the relationships, the design thinking, the collaboration, the teamwork, and the safe environment. That’s One Stone. One Stone is way ahead of the game.”

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One Stone is a member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools. The NWAIS is a regional accrediting association with over 110 independent schools in eight states. As a result of One Stone’s very strong organizational standing and quality programming, the school was allowed to jump two levels of accreditation designations and were given immediate Subscriber Member status. By joining the Association as a Subscriber Schoolthe One Stone Board and administration will continue to actively pursue full accreditation through NWAIS’ nationally recognized accreditation program. One Stone’s designation as an NWAIS Subscriber school puts us on schedule for our ambitious goal of full accreditation by the spring of 2019.

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Apply Now

Admission is based on the learner’s alignment with the One Stone mission and culture as well as their commitment to the One Stone learning approach, values, and responsibilities. One Stone is diverse and inclusive to ensure that students are exposed to a richness of viewpoints, experiences, and cultures from across the Treasure Valley. We are tuition free to ensure that students can attend regardless of economic circumstances.

Interested in the 2019-2020 School Year? Applications will open February of 2019.