Spring Has Sprung a Desire to Grow

Spring Has Sprung a Desire to Grow

I love taking walks in Boise in the spring. On a trail in the foothills or on a sidewalk in a neighborhood, I can’t help but notice everywhere nature’s relentless desire to grow. One Stone experiences this same phenomenon everyday, year round. We encourage the desire to grow in creativity, knowledge, mindset, skills, and self-expression.

Don't Wait. Experience the Real World, Right Now.

Elise Malterre is a second year student at One Stone and the Managing Director of Two Birds, a student-powered creative studio that leads Design Thinking workshops for organizations and produces professional branding for local, regional, and international clientele.

Elise Malterre is a second year student at One Stone and the Managing Director of Two Birds, a student-powered creative studio that leads Design Thinking workshops for organizations and produces professional branding for local, regional, and international clientele.

By Elise Malterre

I see so many people waiting to get out of high school to get into the ‘real’ world. I don't want to waste three years of my life, just waiting to graduate. Why can't I be in the ‘real’ world right now?

I came to One Stone and Two Birds to be in that real world. At 16, I am the managing director of Two Birds, responsible for running the leadership team and overseeing all aspects of the business. I lead meetings about internal business struggles like the retention of our student staff, dealing with client relations, writing proposals, drafting invoices, and sending the incredibly awkward emails when clients don't pay us on time.

Those things, especially the awkward emails, those are real world.

Despite my uncertainty at times, Two Birds has trusted me with the responsibility to run a business and has given me the support to do so. When there are deadlines and I am spending late nights working on a design or website while juggling school full time, I am reminded of the opportunity that I have as a student at One Stone, and as a member of Two Birds. When I step back, I see the gift of this experience to gain skill and confidence that is so valuable for my future.

Eleven months ago, I walked into Two Birds for the first time without ever doing design or business before. Within the week, I had designed and presented four logos and had sat in on a client meeting, and that was just the first week! The opportunity that I got, and that Two Birds gives every student, is real.

Winter Exploration: Passion, Goal Setting & Designing Your Life

Winter Exploration: Passion, Goal Setting & Designing Your Life

When I was a teacher, I found the month of January to be one of the most challenging times of year to teach. Maybe it’s because students have been on vacation for 2 weeks, the days are short and dark, the newness of the school year has worn off, the light at the end of the tunnel (June) is barely visible, or all of the above. Whatever the reason, it always seemed that the last thought on any student’s mind was school. I found it refreshing, although not too surprising, to learn that at One Stone, we do January differently.



At One Stone disruption is a good thing. We are known for questioning the status quo, not settling for normal, and seeking out opportunities to create lasting change. Through our design thinking process, we have reimagined education, service learning, creative services, and entrepreneurship. Read on to find out more about how our students’ unique approach to problem-solving is disrupting for good in our community.

Second Years' Rafting Trip 2017

By Koko Yee and Lili Serio

From left to right: Elise B., Amanda, Lili and Koko.

From left to right: Elise B., Amanda, Lili and Koko.

The phrase ‘chilled to the bone’ took on a whole new meaning as the second years boarded the rafts that would be taking them down the Carburton for the next 5 hours. Equipped in full body wetsuits and splash guards, they wedged their feet inside the raft and began rowing down river, laughter bubbling with the whitewater.

The good times didn’t end at the raft take out. One bus trip morphed into another and and as the evening approached, there was talk of pitching tents and marshmallow roasting. At the campfire, relationships were fostered as second years and coaches shared their personal goals for the year. This left everyone with ‘warm fuzzies’ as they cuddled into their sleeping bags. The morning brought teamwork activities that included pelting Chad with pool noodles. Heading home, the challenge of de-thawing joined incoming and returning students into one.

Though the river (and the temperature) was at an all time low, this adventure was an all time high for Year Two’s.


Through the Eyes of a New One Stone Student

By Gracie Hall

Gracie Hall, Year One

Gracie Hall, Year One

I have never walked into a learning environment and felt so incredibly welcomed. That first day at One Stone was one of the most terrifying and exhilarating moments of my educational experience. I stood there, clutching the straps of my backpack, my stomach filled with a storm of butterflies as I glanced around at this amazing place that would be my new school for the next three years. My gaze was met by smiling and welcoming faces and I was greeted happily as I entered, relieved and exhilarated by this reaction.

These first few seconds at a new school was unlike anything I have ever experienced. People were happy to see me there! Everyone was kind to one another! People were really excited about what they were learning and what they were doing! I looked around in awe and excitement. This was ONE STONE!!!

As a new student, coming to a brand new school is pretty nerve wracking. At One Stone, it was extreme levels of excitement! Everything was unfamiliar and foreign yet welcoming and intriguing all at once. The most exciting combination. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was excited for what was in store. The concept of One Stone is unique and unfamiliar.

This new idea of education was definitely something to get used to. From receiving the opportunity to take your education into your own hands, to being shown that student voice is genuinely valued, I have been excited about every moment as I take part in this awesome community. I feel like I am being given so many incredible opportunities and am finding my voice more and more everyday because of everything I’ve been able to learn and experience here. By taking part in the development of a yearbook to feeling like I am making an impact through the work I do in my Design Lab, every opportunity has made my voice and confidence stronger. The One Stone experience is definitely one that gets you pumped and excited about your education!


What do we like best about One Stone?


"Being trusted to take the lead on our own educations."

– Franny, Year One


"The value of student choice."

– Bennett H., Year Two



"To have applied, real-world experiences that involve in the world today and prepare us for the future."

– Elise M., Year Two