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One stone's Accreditation status


One Stone is pleased to announce that its high school is officially a member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS). The NWAIS is a regional accrediting association with over 110 independent schools in eight states and is an affiliate of the National Association of Independent schools (NAIS). One Stone currently holds Candidate Member status with the NWAIS, which is the final step in a rigorous accreditation process and is reserved for schools that the NWAIS Board of Governors has approved as being able to meet the NWAIS Major Standards. One Stone is on track to earn full accreditation by the summer of 2020.

Why Accreditation?

For One Stone, accreditation offers our school a framework for institutional assessment and ongoing school improvement. It will help us in developing a system of accountability that will be specifically tailored to our needs and meet the dynamic nature of who we are and what we do. For our families, we know that accreditation will offer assurance of quality education and accountability. Parents can be confident that One Stone is continually striving to provide a unique and valuable experience for their children both today and in the years to come. And for our community supporters, accreditation ensures that we will continue to assess and reflect upon our commitment to our core values and effectiveness in delivering on our mission.

The Benefits of Accreditation

As an NWAIS Candidate Member school, One Stone will enjoy many of the benefits of a fully accredited school. To begin, colleges and universities will recognize our work and commitment towards full accreditation and understand the rigorous and thorough process that One Stone is undergoing to gain full accreditation with the NWAIS. One Stone will also benefit from being able to actively engage in NWAIS events and contribute to professional development. We will also have access to NWAIS online services and databases, will be able to participate in accreditation site visits, and will enjoy the many benefits that collegial relations with other NWAIS schools have to offer.

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