How might we inspire a love of reading in 2nd grade students?

How do you get a roomful of 2nd grade students to fall in love with reading? Make it LEAP off the page! LEAP was a project designed to inspire a love of reading by making the story come to life. One Stone team members channeled their inner thespians to act out Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox. The book was selected through guidance from an elementary school teacher on age-appropriate reading, and the skit was developed with coaching from a local professional actor.

On the day of the event, we interacted with the students throughout the play and reflected with them following the story, discussing the importance of reading and serving others. To further encourage the students to read, we provided them with LEAP bookmarks that we had created. Each student was challenged to read five books and could then redeem their bookmark for a special One Stone wristband, a reminder to read and experience stories.


We created a tangible way for students to experience joy in reading, encouraging and inspiring them to carry the magic through to future book adventures.