How might we provide a meaningful experience that gives One Stone team members a chance to learn more and connect with children on the autism spectrum?

Connect was a project deeply rooted in empathy work. One Stone team members sought to understand the way children with autism, and their parents, experience the world. With excellent guidance from the Idaho Center for Autism and the Autism Society of the Treasure Valley, we learned how we could create an event that would be meaningful for these kids, their parents and One Stone team members: a SUPER play date. The daylong event showcased a specially tailored carnival with play “stations” that included sensory games, puzzles, coloring, and everyone’s favorite puffy paint. The kids along with their One Stone buddies, moved from station to station with a passport, receiving a sticker for each activity they tried. While the kids bonded through play, their parents had the (much needed) opportunity to connect with other parents of children on the autism spectrum.


We learned that sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a connection with lasting impact. In just one day, we provided an experience for both the kids and their parents that made a lasting memory.

And here’s what Kaitlyn, age 11, had to say about that:

“Thank you for the fun carnival. My favorite activity was the rolling cart. I had so much fun with you and you are so nice! I love you!”