Senior Sendoff 2014

One Stone said “goodbye for now” to 24 seniors in July 2014—soldiers for good who marched off to make the world a better place at colleges across the country. These outstanding alumni received their own special word in their send off. The collection of these words together would make a word cloud that would tell you everything you needed to know about One Stone:

Thinker, Relatable, Spirited, Steadfast, Kind, Empathetic, Devoted, Tenacious, Quirky, Humble, Witty, Unforgettable, Radiant, Daring, Reliable, Endearing, Patient, Determined, Generous, Ingenious, Versatile, Thoughtful, True, Genuine.

Goodbye for now, treasured seniors. And remember:

“Take your genius and your optimism and your empathy and go change the world in ways that will make millions of others optimistic as well. You don’t have to rush. You have careers to launch, debts to pay, spouses to meet and marry. That’s enough for now. But in the course of your lives, without any plan on your part, you’ll come to see suffering that will break your heart. When it happens, and it will, don’t turn away from it; turn toward it. That is the moment when change is born.”

-Melinda Gates