Open Book Adventures Creates Fans of Learning 2014

Open Book Adventures (OBA) is a 6-week tutoring and mentoring project for kindergarten through third grade children that inspires curiosity, and cultivates imagination through adventures in literacy.

One Stone students developed the OBA curriculum based on the subjects of reading, writing and communication reflecting best practices of Common Core education. With guidance and support from a One Stone student mentor, (the “big kids”) kids engage in themed literacy activities designed to build reading and writing competency.

In our first-year pilot, the project proved to be a great success. In grade-level appropriate pre- and post-tests provided by the Boise School District, kids who participated in Open Book Adventures demonstrated an average increase of 60.59% in reading proficiency and an average increase of 48.89% in writing proficiency.

But just as important as the increased proficiency in these two areas is the passion for learning the program ignites. Here’s what Lizzie had to say about her OBA experience, “My favorite part is to read with my buddy Morgan.  When I get stuck on a word, she helps me.  Since I started Open Book, reading is my favorite subject.”

We also hear this from parents, “My daughter Lizzy started at a first grade reading level in the fall,” she said. “Now after two session of Open Book Adventures she is at grade level.  Her teachers have been very impressed and she loves coming here.”

Like all One Stone projects and programs, the student mentors are as impacted by the experience as the little ones they help. In a one-word reflection exercise following an OBA graduation, One Stone students shared their one word takeaway from the experience: connections, successful, inspiration, growth, opportunity, adventurous, excitement, enlightening, memorable, successful, imaginative.

In the summer of 2015, One Stone will expand the OBA program to include a three-day summer literacy camp to address summer reading loss. OBA and the summer reading camp are made possible through the generous support of the Whittenberger Foundation and Boise Sunrise Rotary.