Senior Send Off 2015

One Stone said goodbye (for now!) to some 15 team members who graduated and are off to start their next adventure at the 2015 One Stone Senior Send Off. The seniors were honored at this special event with laughs, tears and limericks that told the tales of their impact on One Stone. The evening culminated with remarks from Joel Poppen, V.P. of Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Micron Technology, and One Stone Board member, challenging students to consider how they wished to “live your dash,” the time from when you are born until the day that you die. He encouraged students to think about their “life resume” and the kinds of things that show a life well lived: empathy, kindness and grit.

These One Stone alumni are off to colleges throughout the country this fall, each of them taking valuable life lessons and skills gained through their One Stone experience. In a survey of outgoing seniors, here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“Joining One Stone was the single best decision I made in high school. I had an absolutely amazing experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

“I have learned that making the world a better place is something every single person can do and something I want to do the rest of my life.”

“I learned that leadership is not a trait that resides only in who’s sitting at the head of the table, or who’s presenting the PowerPoint. Leadership is a trait of accumulated little acts happening throughout your days.”

“I’ve never been so inspired or passionate about anything more than One Stone. It was by far the best opportunity I received in high school and wish everyone could have the experience I did. It truly changed me for the better and I will never be able to thank One Stone enough.”