One Stone Board Retreat 2015

One Stone Board members and staff trekked off into the mountains of Idaho for three days for this year’s Board retreat, themed The Amazing Retreat! In the tradition of the Amazing Race, students broke into teams to take on challenges that ranged from one minute One Stone pitches, to Flags of the World identification competition, to on-the-spot team cheers. When not in neck-and-neck competition mode, people were in the water, cheering on first-time wake boarders and wiping out on tubes pulled over wakes.

The teams had a fierce competition going on during the day, but at night around the campfire everyone came together to share their big ideas and hopes for the coming year. The event culminated with a string of Glow Sticks, illuminating each individual’s contribution to a team that will start the 2015 – 2016 year in the brightest of light.

By our charter, One Stone’s Board of Directors comprised of 2/3 student and 1/3 adult membership. This year’s Board of Directors are:

Cole Anchustegui, Bishop Kelly High School

Hayden Cooper, Boise High School

Emma DeAngeli, Boise High School

Tom Derig, Borah High School

Zoe Eicher, Sage International School

Angelica Hedegaard, Boise High School

Noelle Huhn, Bishop Kelly High School,

Carly Liebich, Riverstone International School

Madison Martinez, Meridian High School

Simone Migliori, Boise High School

Aisea Odencrantz, Bishop Kelly High School

Rowan Pierson, Riverstone International School

Jesse Remeis, Boise High School

Cassie Schiller, Rocky Mountain High School

Matt Wiggins, Timberline High School

Kent Ivanoff, iVinci Health

Treacy Liebich, Community Member

Joel Poppen, Micron Technology