Learner Profile: Indigo Blauch-Chappell


Northwest Boise

Second Year at One Stone

A year into my One Stone high school experience, I love it. I’m passionate about writing and art, and the way One Stone empowers me to pursue these passions has given me confidence across all areas of my education because I have found my voice. I’m encouraged to stand up for what I believe in and advocate for myself. Plus, I can talk openly with my teachers to deepen my learning and gain honest feedback. My coaches know me well and challenge me to grow as an artist and as a student. I like being confronted with challenges and mastering ways to overcome them.

At One Stone, we don’t have grades, and to be honest, I’m a little surprised that having no grades is a system that works. It works because I’m not only being judged by the quality and amount of my work, but by the process I go through. I’m focused on continually progressing and growing versus just working toward something that ends with a letter grade.