Learner Profile: Connor Pittman


West Boise

Second Year at One Stone

Before One Stone, I took online courses and some traditional high school classes. I always had a hard time learning that way. Maybe it’s because I have some learning disabilities like dysgraphia and dyslexia, which I think are important to acknowledge but not let define me. My teachers would explain things and everyone would move on. I needed more time. At One Stone, school is small. I can talk to a math or science coach anytime because I see them all day. They have time to explain things in ways that help me learn at my pace. Plus, I learn by doing. I love how I get to choose the projects and topics, and I’m responsible for managing my own time in order to get them completed on time. I’m learning to integrate art, which is my number one passion, in so many different parts of my learning through animation and graphic design. I have an internship with Two Birds, a high school student run creative studio at One Stone, where I’m learning how to communicate better with my peers, coaches, and our clients. All of these experiences are helping me figure out if I want to go to two or four-year college, art school, or whether I want to go to work at an ad agency or start freelancing after high school. One Stone is giving me the opportunities to explore what I love, and helping me prototype my future.