Kate Simonds, One Stone Board Member, Student Voice Advocate and TEDx Boise Superstar 2015

Meet Kate. Kate is a senior at Timberline High School, a member of the One Stone Board of Directors and Chair of External Relations Committee. Kate enjoys deep conversation, long walks on the beach, and invalidating teenage stereotypes. As the only high school student selected to speak at the inaugural TEDx Boise, Kate got the opportunity to do just that.

Kate’s presentation, “I’m Seventeen” brought down the house. Her honest talk about what it’s like to have your opinion dismissed based on your age resonated with people of all ages and inspired people to consider what might be possible if kids and adults collaborated.

So what’s it feel like to be a truth teller? “After my fifteen minutes were up audience members were approaching me saying they felt the same way I did when they’d been in high school thirty years before,” Kate explained. “They hadn’t realized it had been a problem until they’d listened to what I had to say. Knowing that my message resonated with teenagers and adults alike is astounding and utterly priceless to me.”

Like all good TED talks, Kate’s “idea worth sharing” continues to spread. After it went up on YouTube, it got more than 1,000 views in just two days.

“People really are able to comprehend the concept’s importance and I’m humbled to be one of the many stepping stones in this path of progress.”

After graduating in May, Kate plans to go on to college to study communication and political science. Kate has been integral in the shaping of One Stone through her three years as an active member and leader. Look for her in the 2032 presidential election as the favored candidate. #kateforpresident

View Kate’s TEDx talk here: