How might we honor Wildland Firefighters?

One Stone team members wanted to design a project that would address an environmental issue in the Treasure Valley. As they moved through the design thinking process, their focus shifted as they learned about the critical importance of those who protect our environment—wildland firefighters. The group pivoted, and refocused on honoring this group of front-line, first responders through a partnership with the Wildland Firefighter Association, whose vision is “To honor, recognize and support wildland firefighters past, present and future, and to provide resources to assist fallen and injured firefighters and their families.”

Working with the experts at the Foundation, One Stone team members developed a special event honoring these heroes. At an outdoor ceremony, the name of every fallen wildland firefighter dating back to the 1950’s was read aloud as their family members tied “remEMBER flags” inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, in their honor. The flags hung in the wilderness, where, according to tradition, they release their energy, benefitting everyone, as they fade into nature.


The event raised community awareness of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and the tremendous sacrifice wildland firefighters have made while protecting our homes wilderness and families.