Explore Camp



How might we get obese kids to change their attitudes and behaviors to be more healthy and feel good about themselves?

Explore Camp, a healthy lifestyle and self esteem building project, is an example of what’s possible when you believe in yourself. The camp, in collaboration with St. Luke’s Health System YEAH! Program, Bogus Basin, Boise Parks and Recreation and One Stone, came to be known as the Think, Believe, Explore, Dream, Build, Commit, Discover, Act, Choose, Live Camp, where we did just that. One Stone students partnered up with a camp buddy for five days of nutritional education, activity and self-esteem building exercises that looked nothing like any of those things—to campers, it was CAMP! Thanks to the creativity of the One Stone planning team, the campers got to experience a week of fun that had lasting impact on both their physical and mental health.  Greatest hits included an Iron Chef contest, the famous Fruit and Veggie Dance and a visit with Olympic gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong. The camp culminated with every camper summiting local landmark Mores Mountain, an incredibly challenging 3-mile hike, while the kids and their One Stone buddies cheered them on like the rockstars they were.


BIG wins! Here’s just a sampling of what the campers had to say about their experience:

“It was my goal to hike up the hill and I made it.  I learned about myself this week that I can make it, and I want to keep being healthy.”  -Yanire

”I learned about myself that I am brave!”  -Jasmine

“I learned about myself that I want to keep helping people.”  -Shakira

“I want to keep being imaginative.”  -Maggie

“I learned about myself that you can do anything if you try.”  -K

“I learned that I should treat others like I want to be treated because my mentor was so nice to me.”  -Gavin