Open Book Adventures Camp 2015


How might we inspire a love of reading and writing in kids, while providing an opportunity to address summer learning loss?

Open Book Adventures is a tutoring and mentoring project for kindergarten through third grade children that inspires curiosity, and cultivates imagination through adventures in literacy. Using the design thinking process, the One Stone team has prototyped and tested the program, resulting in multiple iterations. For the first time this summer, the team decided to roll out a multi-day summer camp, providing a no-cost opportunity for kids to stay engaged in learning during the summer.

The camp was a big hit! 27 busy Kindergarten – 3rd graders spent three days exploring reading, writing and outdoor fun. Interspersed amongst camp shenanigans (included indoor s’mores, the revivial of the Macarena and many rounds of the Baby Shark song sung around a tissue paper “fire”) little campers and their One Stone buddies read books by flashlight in blanket forts and tents, and journaled about their experience. Campers also got to explore local nature outlets, Camel’s Back Park and the MK Nature Center, learning more about the big outdoors right in their own backyard.


FUN! Overwhelmingly, the little campers chose the word “fun” as their one word for one word reflection. Runner ups: “awesome” and “forts”…and in their own words about their favorite parts of camp:

“Spending time with my buddy. Going to Camel's Back park and the fish park. Singing in the group. The star room was my favorite place to do my activities.”

"Going to the different places and exploring. Reading in the fort."

"We got to go on field trips and play with our buddies at the park and see frogs and snakes and fish and squirrels."

Parents also shared their enthusiasm for the camp. One mom shared,

“Every night he came home talking about the day. He had fun learning and wanted to share his experiences. He was very excited and loved Aurora! Bobby