Break Through Kuna


How might we empower student voice in the town of Kuna, Idaho through community improvement projects that bring more art and color to the town?

Two days, nine projects, 90+ volunteers, 16 gallons of paint, 120 sandwiches, 1 million pounds of tumbleweeds that found a new home and COLOR EVERYWHERE best describes Break Through 2.015 Kuna—Colored Lens One Stone’s eighth annual alternative spring break.

High school students from across the Treasure Valley joined together in a flurry of teamwork and creativity for student led and directed community improvement projects including: community art installations, the creation of a community garden, a sand volleyball court, a fence mosaic and benches featuring student artwork.

The event culminated in the One Stone Walkabout, a one-mile walk around Kuna’s greenbelt where participants had the opportunity to see some of the finished student art installations and other projects. As part of Break Through, students created a walking map of the area that will serve a lasting guide to the accomplishments of the community event. A drone, a first for Kuna, caught the event on film.


In a post-event survey:

98% of the students reported that Break Through Kuna improved their teamwork and collaboration skills.

98% reported that the project created a sense of community among students.

90% reported that the project inspired them to get more involved in their community.

100% reported that the project successfully connected students from different schools in the valley.

This simple six-word reflection by one student says it all:

Break Through was life-opening work.