Day of Knights and Princesses


How might we foster community for active military families with children?

The experience of being a young kid in an active duty military family brings some challenges. One of those is connecting, in fun ways, to other kids and families who share this same experience. At One Stone, we know a thing or two about fun, so with guidance from family counselors and experts at the Idaho National Guard and Operation: Military Kids at the University of Idaho, Team One Stone created the “Day of Knights & Princesses” event. The event, held at the Boise City Zoo during Military Family Day, was a Renaissance Fair for kids, complete with pool noodle jousting and an opportunity to be knighted by Major Hicks of the Idaho National Guard. Amidst the face painting, crowns and shields, families were able to meet each other and launch relationships based on their common experience.


The success of this project is best told through a story. One young Princess for a Day brought her dad with her to the event. Only, it wasn’t really her dad, it was a life sized cut out photo of his smiling face mounted on cardboard. This one happy Princess took her dad to all the stations, where he happily spent the day with her, captured through photography and imagination.