How might we help kids in the foster care system experience a sense of community?

After learning about some of the challenges kids in the foster care system face, a team of One Stone students went on a mission to create a project that would provide a sense of community for these kids. They worked with foster care parents and program experts from the Department of Health and Welfare to develop Bright, a three-part project focused on building self-esteem and confidence—encouraging each person to be their “brightest self”. Each part of the project had a different theme, beginning with self-esteem, moving to leadership, and ending with collaboration. The teaching, learning and coaching was achieved through games and reflection that built both the individual’s confidence, and brought the group closer together for greater connection.


Through interactive games, activities and reflection that brought down barriers and leveled the playing field, the kids were all able to connect with each other, stepping out of themselves and into a supportive community.