A Little More Kind


How might we encourage a culture of kindness through small random acts of kindness?

A Little More Kind was a campaign to encourage a culture of kindness through small, selfless acts that were easy to do—demonstrating that just about anybody could find a way to do a kind thing in the course of their day. People who did random acts of kindness (RAKs) were encouraged to photograph it and post in on a facebook page we created to promote the groundswell, with the hashtag “alittlemorekind.” The campaign led to a blizzard of RAKs, which included old favs like buying coffee for the next person in line at a coffee shop, to new ones, like planting messages of encouragement in test study guides in local bookstores and random placement of lucky pennies on the sidewalk.


At the end of the campaign 746 people were receiving regular messages of kindness through their “likes” of our Facebook page.