We Did It! One Stone Breaks World Record 2016


How might we take student voice to the global level, and a message of kindness to the Treasure Valley?

How do you get the world’s attention about the power of student voice? You break a world record!

One Stone set about making this happen with a massive expression of student voice: the world’s largest mosaic made entirely of Post – It Notes. The art installation depicted One Stone’s message of “disrupt for good” along with a sound wave of one of our team members speaking the call to action. The team chose Post – It Notes as its medium after learning that the ubiquitous office supply made its debut in Boise some 30 years ago.

It took more than 200 volunteers 32 hours over the course of three days to meticulously lay 313,931 Notes – that’s more than 20,000 square feet, 3 x 3 inches at a time.

The finished product was spectacular. Seventeen-year-old Carly Liebich, a member of the One Stone board of directors and the project lead explained the power of the mural project, “This is an example of what’s possible when all people come together to create something.” Liebich goes on to say, “When we all contribute we can disrupt for good; making positive and lasting changes in people’s lives.”

The next phase of the project is a guerilla kindness campaign. This spring, One Stone students will distribute the Notes with messages promoting kindness, compassion, community and student voice.

Big thanks to our project partners and sponsors for their help in making this happen: Treasure Valley YMCA for providing the space, Post – It Note brand for donating the Notes, and Dutch Bros. for prizes and fuel. Thanks also to the dedicated Post – It Note volunteer artists who saw the vision and kept on sticking!