One Event 2016


One Stone makes students better leaders and the world a better place – with the help of the community. One Stone does not charge any membership dues or fees to ensure that all students, regardless of ability to pay, can access our programs. We believe the opportunity to change the world should not be related to economic background or financial standing.

We can offer all of our programming for free because of the tremendous support of a community of people who believe in our mission. We celebrate this with them annually at our One event, One Stone’s largest fundraising and outreach extravaganza. Like all of our projects, a team of student planners come together and use design thinking to plan, organize and execute a one-of-a-kind event that showcases our work and the stories of One Stone. Our student team members are the stars of the show, as they share about their projects and their passions.

This year, more than 475 people attended this evening of inspiration. Weaving through the theme of a dandelion and its stages, from bud to blossom to bloom to seed—these are the stages of transformation at One Stone. And while many people see the flower as America’s toughest weed, we showcased the beautiful tenacity of the bright yellow flower and the seeds it sends to multiply. That is One Stone—seeing beauty and possibility in strength, perseverance and grit—then the magnification of this as the seeds scatter in the wind to create new beauty, never forgetting their home garden.