One Stone Students lead the Tour De Fat parade


A couple of weeks before Tour De Fat on August 12, Boise Bicycle Project contacted One Stone wondering if we could use our donated quad bike to lead the Tour De Fat parade. A group of students jumped at the opportunity—Elise, Ethan, Jared, and Bennett H.

They made a plan to get the bike in gear and quickly transformed it from a “mostly-working, pretty cool, quad bike” to a “super rad, fully-functional, student-powered parade float”—in just a week. They replaced the back seats with a standing platform complete with railings and a custom paint job. They welded on a hand brake, because…well, it seemed like a good idea. Lastly, they raided the One Stone costume bin and prepped for an early morning of celebrating Boise’s vibrant bicycle culture.

The morning of the parade, they threw the toolbox and a speaker in the back, Ethan and Jared hopped on the pedals, Elise and Bennett held the flag and managed the turn signals in the back, and a few coaches rode alongside. The group showed ingenuity and grit as they rode (and ran) through a flat tire to the end of the parade.

Students and coaches had a great time getting the bike road ready and parading it around Downtown Boise, and the community loved seeing the quad bike in action.