Through the Eyes of a New One Stone Student

By Gracie Hall

Gracie Hall, Year One

Gracie Hall, Year One

I have never walked into a learning environment and felt so incredibly welcomed. That first day at One Stone was one of the most terrifying and exhilarating moments of my educational experience. I stood there, clutching the straps of my backpack, my stomach filled with a storm of butterflies as I glanced around at this amazing place that would be my new school for the next three years. My gaze was met by smiling and welcoming faces and I was greeted happily as I entered, relieved and exhilarated by this reaction.

These first few seconds at a new school was unlike anything I have ever experienced. People were happy to see me there! Everyone was kind to one another! People were really excited about what they were learning and what they were doing! I looked around in awe and excitement. This was ONE STONE!!!

As a new student, coming to a brand new school is pretty nerve wracking. At One Stone, it was extreme levels of excitement! Everything was unfamiliar and foreign yet welcoming and intriguing all at once. The most exciting combination. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was excited for what was in store. The concept of One Stone is unique and unfamiliar.

This new idea of education was definitely something to get used to. From receiving the opportunity to take your education into your own hands, to being shown that student voice is genuinely valued, I have been excited about every moment as I take part in this awesome community. I feel like I am being given so many incredible opportunities and am finding my voice more and more everyday because of everything I’ve been able to learn and experience here. By taking part in the development of a yearbook to feeling like I am making an impact through the work I do in my Design Lab, every opportunity has made my voice and confidence stronger. The One Stone experience is definitely one that gets you pumped and excited about your education!


What do we like best about One Stone?


"Being trusted to take the lead on our own educations."

– Franny, Year One


"The value of student choice."

– Bennett H., Year Two



"To have applied, real-world experiences that involve in the world today and prepare us for the future."

– Elise M., Year Two