Startup Weekend

How might we provide students with the opportunity to learn how to launch a successful startup?

That's the inspiration behind Startup Weekend, a global program designed to equip budding entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful.

The weekend kicks off with a speed-pitch where students bring their own business, social venture, nonprofit, and product ideas and share them in rapid fire pitches. The top ideas are voted by peers to become the topics for the weekend. Students self-select into teams around their favorite idea and begin the entrepreneurial process.

Experts from the community share their insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to use the business model canvas, how to critically consider customer feedback, and what makes a great pitch. The students work through the weekend under the guidance of a community coach to bring the idea to life. Startup Weekend ends in a “Shark Tank” style competition, with teams pitching their ideas to a panel of judges representing various sectors across the Treasure Valley community.

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