Young at Heart



How might we bridge the gap between teens and senior citizens to bring understanding of different life experience?


Originally focused on brightening the lives of the elderly, the Young @ Heart project was a powerful reminder of the capacity we all have to make connections. The One Stone project team worked with Wynwood at River Place Assisted Living Facility in Boise to plan three Saturday afternoons of tea parties, tailgating, and a talent show by One Stone members. Over the course of these events, the teens and senior citizens formed transformative relationships that challenged stereotypes and encouraged positive perceptions. The residents were moved by our desire to get to know them, and during reflection every One Stone participant shared excitedly about their unique experiences.


The survey results were fantastic with both groups giving more positive responses in every category. On average the One Stone participants gave 21.3% higher responses to questions such as: "I feel comfortable interacting with the elderly" and "I feel that the elderly can relate with me". The residents on average were 7% more positive to questions such as: "Teenagers respect authority" and "I enjoy the company of teenagers."