Project Mellow


How might we convey resources, personal experiences, and tools to middle school students that foster a better understanding of stress and its impact on their lives?

Through the design thinking process, the Project Mellow team spent a lot of time exploring various ways to relieve stress. They decided that the best way to help alleviate some of the negative effects of stress was to share their newfound knowledge, tips, and tricks with others. The Project Mellow team chose to create a video that would educate middle school students about dealing with stress. They included the end recipients in the process of creating the film in order to provide an educational and meaningful experience for the middle school recipients. One Stone team members educated the group of middle school students on how stress can impact one’s health and behavior as well as providing ways to deal with and manage stress healthily. The team worked with 30 students from a variety of backgrounds and talents at Les Bois Junior High School to create a short video they could share with their peers about how to deal with stress.

Project Mellow then worked with Two Birds video students to edit the footage and make a video to be distributed to middle schools in the Treasure Valley. The content of the film was meaningful, but unfortunately due to windy conditions on the day of filming the sound quality did not allow for the video to be as professional as the team would have liked for distribution. This stressful realization was met with an even consideration and brainstorming of solutions, an indicator of healthy stress management by the team.


The One Stone team said the filming day was a “fun and eye-opening experience”.

Through research, and prototyping the One Stone team found new, healthy ways to help them manage their own stress.

The middle school students involved in the filming day said:

"I wish you could come and do this again next year"

"It's cool to be able to talk about some of the things that cause me stress...I like knowing others feel stressed too."