Lean on Me


How might we provide teen parents with an opportunity to feel supported by those who share similar life experiences?

The Lean on Me team planned a full day event for pregnant or parenting high school teens that took place at the Firehouse 6 Community Center. The team carefully thought through each activity to be fun, creative, community building, and encouraging for the participants. The activities included yoga-type movement, creating mosaics, and designing personal scrapbook art pieces. The group’s aim was to have teen parents leaving the event with a better understanding of other teens in similar life situations and to feel more comfortable reaching out to each other.

Unfortunately, on the day of the event, no participants were able to attend. This was an excellent example of a One Stone team failing forward. They were able to make the best of the situation and learn from their experience. The day turned into a day of bonding for the One Stone members in attendance. The team then donated the two mosaic mirrors they created to Marian Pritchett High School and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. After the event, the team also decorated tote bags and filled them with diapers to be donated to the teen parents at Marian Pritchett. The Lean on Me team reflected on ways they could have increased participation. They recognized that teen parents have very busy lives and that finding extra time out of their regular commitments is difficult.


Through the One Stone design thinking process, the Lean on Me team learned a great deal about what it truly means to be a teen parent. They spoke with numerous high school students and were extremely impacted by their stories.

With positive attitudes, the One Stone team was able to make the event meaningful despite the lack of participation from their target recipient. Jesse, a senior at Boise High School, commented, “It was a really powerful bonding experience- the whole day was all about creativity and acceptance and community. I left feeling very open to having new experiences and meeting new people.”