Be the One


How might we end bullying in middle school?

Twenty eight percent of students in grades 6 – 12 report a bullying experience, most frequently in junior high. Many One Stone students had their own experience with bullying, either personally, or as witness to an incident, and felt this data point as a call to action.

Through research and study of the cycle of bullying and empathy work, the team focused in on ways to empower kids to move from bystander to active defender. They developed a one-day training and empowerment opportunity for students from Fairmont Junior High, inviting kids to Be the One to stand up to bullying. The students focused on forgiving and forgiveness, through individual and group exercises designed to build empathy and self-esteem. The event culminated in a group balloon release, each one carrying a personal note of forgiveness for those who’d bullied, and apologies to those who may have been hurt by bullying.