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Peeps on the Street

Interested in getting an inside look into One Stone’s innovative learning model? Come and volunteer as a “peep” for Peeps on the Street on Friday, April 19th! Peeps on the Street is an important part of our Design Labs. Students are in the prototype and test phase of our spring term design thinking challenge, and they need your input!

What is Peeps on the Street?

A way for student teams to share their Design Lab project ideas with community members to gain feedback and improve their projects.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centered, solution finding system. Similar to the scientific method or engineering method, design thinking is one way to come up with a solution to a problem. Unlike other methods, design thinking focuses on the end user as a human and includes empathy in the process. The steps of design thinking are: understand/empathize, define, ideate, prototype/test, implement, evaluate and reflect.

What exactly am I giving feedback on?

Design Lab is a 12-week design thinking challenge. In the fall and spring terms, student teams use the design thinking process to come up with innovative, human-centered solutions to real problems for real people in our community. This term, student teams are rising to the challenge to solve problems in the areas of health, finances, food, education, and safety.

So what can I do to help?

Student teams will be explaining the specific problem they are working on solving, and sharing their top three ideas with you. Your role as a “peep” is to give them feedback on their ideas, specifically: Can you offer any additional insight for the team that might improve their project? Is this idea really innovative? What does execution look like?

What will being a “peep” look like?

You will visit with several teams of 3 - 7 students during Peeps on the Street, giving feedback to students on their projects. Using your whole life experiences (not just your professional lives) to help them think about what they might be missing in areas of empathy, innovation, and execution.

When is Peeps on the Street?

Friday, April 19th. Students will be working from 12-3. Peeps can sign up for a 90-minute shift from 12-1:30PM, or 1:30-3PM, or BOTH if you are available!

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