Design Thinking Workshops

Led and facilitated by coaches and students at One Stone, our design thinking experts lead organizations through a fast-paced, high-energy session that is designed to meet a specific goal, while learning and practicing the innovative, human-centered problem solving process.

Before the CrashUP, Two Birds will meet with you to understand your challenges and needs. With that understanding, we will generate a design challenge to that will be the focus of the CrashUP.

Organizations ranging from local non-profits to fortune 500 corporations have benefited from CrashUPs. Workshops are most effective for groups of 12-40 people, preferably consisting of employees and leadership from all levels of the organization, and can also include clients, partners, or end-users.

Team Building & Problem Solving

A CrashUP is a full or half-day workshop where your group will learn mindsets and techniques to incorporate into your everyday work. You'll use design thinking to solve an actual challenge that your organization faces.

The day of the CrashUP, your group will be separated into teams embedded with One Stone design thinking coaches.

Learn more about One Stone's design thinking process >


  • Cost varies depending on group size, duration, and the goals of the workshop. Fill out the form below to learn more.
  • Hard costs typically includes CrashUP Playbooks, supplies, lunch/dinner, drinks, and snacks.
  • Schedule and availability permitting, CrashUPs are best hosted at One Stone, which provides your organization with full access to One Stone's collaborative workspace and design resources.


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