Team Building & Problem Solving

A CrashUP is a full or half-day workshop where your group will learn mindsets and techniques to incorporate into your everyday work. You'll use design thinking to solve an actual challenge that your organization faces.

Before the CrashUP, Two Birds will meet with you to understand your challenges and goals and generate a design challenge to focus on.

The day of the CrashUP, your group will be separated into teams embedded with One Stone design thinking coaches.

Learn more about One Stone's design thinking process >


  • CrashUPs are most effective with groups of 5 to 30 people. If you're group is larger, we can help you divide into multiple sessions.
  • Cost varies depending on group size and duration. Fill out the form below to learn more.
  • Cost typically includes CrashUP Playbooks, supplies, lunch, and snacks.


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