Sion Ledbetter

Math Coach

Sion is an ardent mathematician and former Non-Commissioned Officer with the United States Army. While serving in Iraq, Sion worked with an Army Combat Support Hospital and served as an Emergency Department Technician, or "army medic," at Ibn Sina Hospital in Baghdad (at the time the number one trauma center in the world) where he found reassurance in the certainty and logic inherent in mathematics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Denver as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder, where his mathematical education concentrated in functional analysis and information theory. Sion's decision to study math came after the realization that there is nothing more beautiful than the truth, and that discovering what is true and what can be known is the height of human endeavors. Sion enjoys the challenge of coaching One Stone students to appreciate math as much as he does, and in passing on the art and skills necessary for the rigors of the subject.