School Application

Congratulations! You have an extraordinary opportunity. You are invited to apply to be a trailblazer and join One Stone’s, student-centered learning experience.

As an independent, tuition-free school, we are seeking to develop a student population that reflects the diversity of the Treasure Valley. Dig deep, be thoughtful and tell us who you really are.

We know you might not believe it, but you can change the world. Because in big ways and in small, your voice matters. Your ideas matter. You can get your hands dirty. Your mind will be challenged. You can design your life to have real meaning. It starts here with this application, GO! 

Apply early, the application process is competitive.

  1. Fill out this application. 
  2. After you apply your parents will receive a questionnaire. Ask them to fill it out. 
  3. Ask someone who has inspired you to learn to email a letter of recommendation (this could be a teacher, coach, friend) to
  4. Interview with the team! 


This is the application for the trailblazer. Parents will get a follow up questionnaire.