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About One Stone


One Stone is a student-led and directed nonprofit that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. Our program empowers high school students to learn and practice 21st century skills through experiential service, innovative initiatives and social entrepreneurship.


Our work is rooted in design thinking, a creative problem solving and innovation discovery process developed at Stanford University’s Using design thinking, we can uncover new ideas that allow us to disrupt for good – improving the status quo for lasting change. Through this, students learn and practice critical 21st Century skills: empathy, collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation, critical thinking, adaptability and creativity.


One Stone does not charge membership dues or fees, ensuring that our programs are accessible to any high school student who wants to be a better leader and make the world a better place.


About the Board



Bella Archibald
Hayden Cooper
Connor Duncan
Zoe Eicher
Katy Hilburn
Hayden Irish
Kent Ivanoff
Alex Koehl
Jack Johnson
Geneve Lau
Treacy Liebich
Ally Lloyd
Sam McEwan
Eli Neal
Cheyenne Nienstedt
Peter Oliver
Rowan Pierson
Joel Poppen
Roger Quarles


About the Team


Teresa Poppen
One Stone Founder
Executive Director
(Ultimate Difference Maker)

If Yoda was a human, he would be Teresa, a Jedi Master who believes in teaching greatness. Through her patience and belief in their power, Teresa emboldens students to do extraordinary things. Coming from a 20-year career in the high-tech sector, Teresa founded One Stone and thus the world was changed.

Theresa Fox
Finance Director
(Numbers Ninja)

Theresa is a finance whiz and operations master, who uses her super powers for good. Theresa manages all things numbers for One Stone. But perhaps more importantly, Theresa is a gifted teacher who helps coach One Stone board and operations committee members on the nuts and bolts of how to run a nonprofit.

Ashlee Greenwood
Project Good Director
(Chief Do-Gooder)

If there was a Creativity Olympics, Ashlee would be a five time medal winner. Luckily for us, her creativity is contagious. She inspires One Stone team members to uncover their own creativity and dig deep, resulting in projects with the POW to make students better leaders and the world a better place.

Neva Geisler
Community Engagement Director
(Opportunity Wrangler)

Neva is an expert in enthusiastically talking to people about One Stone. Usually with lots of hand and arm moments, and occasionally some singing and dancing, which she does badly. To see this in action, and to learn more about One Stone, give her a shout!

Michael Reagan
Two Birds Director
(Creative Catalyst)

One of the coolest things about Michael is that when we first hired him, everybody said, “LOVE Michael. He’s so great!” Like everybody. And then started working at One Stone and we were like, “Where have you been all of our lives?!?” Michael has mad skills. He’s a creative who can design/write/concept/vision and take care of business. He is also a gifted and intuitive teacher, who sees talent and potential in all people. He’s a head + heart combo guy, perfect for a social venture like Two Birds.

Megan Kittridge
Project Coordinator
(Dynamic Doer)

Megan is zany. Not like freak show zany, more like whip-you-into-a-frenzy-of-fun-and-get-stuff-DONE zany. If you need a campfire story, a brainstorming boost, or an idea that’s so crazy it just might work, Megan is your gal.

Charla Cooper
Special Project Coordinator
(Curator of Change)

Charla may be best described in the words of David Bowie: “Cha-cha-cha-changes, turn and face the strange…” This is Charla, but she doesn’t so much turn to face the change, it’s more like she runs at it, arms open, yelling Heyyyyyy! As our Curator of Change, Charla embraces what’s next. She helps us understand and navigate new opportunities and ideas that keep One Stone relevant and on point.

Mariel Zupsic
Project Coordinator
(Can-Do Captain)

Mariel is game for anything. Design, plan, manage, run, cartwheel- she can do it all. But her special talent is helping make One Stone’s partnerships shines. Mariel jumps right in and isn’t afraid to shake things up. With her extensive bag of tricks, there’s nothing she can’t do.

Trash the Dog Wall-e the Copier
Robin Ivanoff
(Team Mom)

Robin is our outcomes guru, and chief getter doner. A skilled utility player, Robin can design a survey, gather data, interview a 6 year old, coach a project or organize an event, or really any other thing that might need to be done. Her many talents, couple with her ability to turn on a dime, ensure that we get things done.

Trash the Dog
One Stone Mascot
(Quiet Companion)

When we say, “That dog is Trash!” we do it with a smile on our face. Trash is the product of a litter pick up done for Think4Ward, a 2012 One Stone environmental awareness project. He’s an adorable little chicken wire mutt filled with trash we picked up that would otherwise be drifting in the wind and down the river, and for a fake dog, he’s a plucky little thing.

(1/2 Team Member 1/2 Machine)

This is actually Wall–E 2.0, but we don’t like to talk about that, because losing the roll out version of Wall–E was kind of a big deal. Wall–E 2.0 makes a lot of things happen at One Stone, playing his own robot role in our work to make students better leaders and the world a better place.