One Stone | Story
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One Stone is a student-led and directed nonprofit that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. Our program empowers high school students to learn and practice 21st century skills through experiential service, innovative initiatives, social entrepreneurship, and the radical reinvention of learning.


Our work is rooted in design thinking, a creative problem solving and innovation discovery process developed at Stanford University’s Using design thinking, we can uncover new ideas that allow us to disrupt for good – improving the status quo for lasting change. Through this, students learn and practice critical 21st Century skills: empathy, collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation, critical thinking, adaptability and creativity.


One Stone disrupts for good through four platforms:


Project Good – One Stone is grounded in student-led and directed experiential service that is data-driven, student selected, and provides an opportunity for a direct connection and benefit to the recipient and the opportunity for a life-changing experience for the One Stone student.


Two Birds – Two Birds, a social enterprise, is a student-led creative services agency that provides real-world experience for students interested in learning about design, marketing and social entrepreneurship; while providing affordable creative services to social entrepreneurs, start-ups and other nonprofits. Students are mentored by professionals in the field, and are engaged in all phases of production and client management.


Solution Lab – An open invitation to students and the community to bring a project/problem/new business idea to the One Stone team for potential partnership. Through the Solution Lab, organizations, foundations, existing businesses and start-ups can engage a team of One Stone students in design thinking a solution, business idea or a revolutionary product.


One Stone School – Independent and tuition free, One Stone’s school provides irresistible experiences for students and fosters a culture of creativity, collaboration, ownership, and entrepreneurship.  Based on years of experience with project-based learning and successful delivery of 21st century skills, this curated learning experience helps students find their passion and their purpose, while equipping them with the tools they need to make real impact. One Stone students thrive on optimism, relish opportunity, build confidence, and strive for success.


One Stone does not charge membership dues or fees, ensuring that our programs are accessible to any high school student who wants to be a better leader and make the world a better place.